Executive Board

Group Managing Director

Jamal Al Ghurair

I am greatly honored to introduce Gypsemna as one of the fastest growing companies in the production and distribution of drywall systems and solutions across the region. With the highly advanced and improved R&D, Gypsemna has been able to expand its product portfolio to include a wide range of Drywall Products and Drywall Systems. This has provided us with a leading position in our technological know-how implementation as well as delivery. With the strategic location of the factory, we have successfully positioned the Gypsemna Factory as highly sustainable, due to the ability of recycling gypsum scrap and energy. This provides us with reduced transportations cost and more efficiency in terms of energy consumption. We are committed to working towards a more sustainable, efficient and effective solutions for our valued stakeholders.

Group Managing Partner

Khalid Al Ghurair

Global standards and technological innovation are the principles that define the approach implemented by Gypsemna. I highly appraise the hard work of Gypsemna’s team in ensuring efficiency throughout its business operations. As a sign to our commitment for superior customer service, our unique value-engineering and design support has offered efficient solutions to all sorts of Drywall System requirements. Furthermore, our after-sale service of on-site inspection by a team of competitive engineers has proven to be successful in ensuring safety and customer satisfaction. I further appraise the team for their ethical conduct and superior customer service.

General Manager

Ammar Al Ani

The secret to our continued success is simple- work with integrity and deliver quality, as promised. Gypsemna highly values its relationships with its consumers in various markets and has engaged in close ties with its distributors and contractors. Our strategic partnership with Rondo has provided us with the complete solutions that cover all aspects of a Drywall System. In fact, we can now gladly say that our product portfolio has expanded to Gypsum Plasterboards, Accessories, Access Panels, Partition System, Ceiling System, Shaftwall System, Liner System and Cinema System. Our vision of delivering quality and performing above expectations in a timely manner would continue to guide us in the years to come.