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August 15 2019

After many succesful experinces in Cinema Projects , again Gypsemna has passed the acoustic test for Reel Cinema which is located in Al Ghurair Center . It is the fifth cooperation between Reel Cinema and Gypsemna after many cimenas in different locations ( JBR - Spring Souk - Jabal Ali - Dubai Mall ) .

July 05 2012

In accordance to one of the recent certificates issued by Exova Certification & Inspection Services Ltd, Gypsemna was awarded the Certificate for its Fire Rated Shaftwall System. The Test Method was conducted under the ASTM E119 - 10b (Standard Test Methods for Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials). The test results certify fire resistance for up to 2 hours when fire is exposed to either side of the corridor or shaft. Exova had also previously certified Gypsemna for its Drywall Partition Systems in November, 2010.

July 04 2012

Following its approval from the Dubai Civil Defense, Gypsemna was awarded with the Qatar Civil Defense Approval for its Fire Rated Systems. According to the Qatar Civil Defense, “the State gives highest care for internal security as it is the pillar of the stability and spends maximum efforts to provide security, safety and peace of mind for citizens and residents” (State of Qatar, Ministry of Interior). This strengthens Gypsemna’s competitive position in the Qatari market and increases the reliance on its products and services. This will further ensure more security and assurance in the quality of materials used in the development and improvement of the country’s modern and traditional constructions. This would act as one step closer to minimizing the development risks by increasing the protection and safety conditions of construction materials used in the process.

May 03 2012

Underwriters Laboratory (UL) is one of the best known independent, non-profit laboratories which are quite well-known across many different countries. Gypsemna believes that the safety and quality test conducted by UL further strengthens the reliability in its product performances, as it would be certified by a third party. Due to its non-profit nature, the UL Listing allows it to be unbiased in determining whether or not a product meets recognized safety standards. The agreement signed by Gypsemna would allow UL Company to conduct tests on its Fire Rated Systems in order to verify whether the standards set by UL engineers were met. This operates in conjunction with the inputs provided by Gypsemna Company. Obtaining UL Listing would mean that the Fire Tested Systems successfully meet the laboratory standards and can be used by on its own. Gypsemna’s acknowledges that obtaining UL Listing may serve as many as six months or more until final certification is achieved. However, Gypsemna is willing to invest in such a crucial area, as it sees the UL Listing as another step to ensuring safety and quality of its materials. The UL Listing ensures that steps have been taken in the interest of Safety and this adds a third party advantage to the already existing third certification from Exova Certification & Inspection Ltd.