Corner Bead (External)

Corner Bead (External)


  • Used to reinforce external corners in walls and ceilings
  • The Perforated 90° External Corner Beads have expanded metal wings angled at 84° to allow the setting compound to penetrate through and under the bead
  • The Expanded 90° ExternalCorner Beads are angled at 84° with 32mm expanded wings to allow setting compound to penetrate through and under the bead, at the same time locking the bead strongly to the board


  • Standard Compliance: ASTM C 1047
  • Coating: AZ150 Zinc-Aluminium Alloy
  • Steel Grade: G300
  • Material: Galvanized Steel


  • Reduces the compound build up on the corner and assists in reducing skirting board or reveal kick-out 

Type Perforated 90°:

Dimension (mm): 30x30 Length (mm): 3000

Part No.: P01

Type Perforated 135°:

Dimension (mm): 30 x 30 Length (mm): 3000

Part No.: P01A

Type Expanded 90°:

Dimension (mm): 32x32 Length (mm): 3000

Part No.: P32

Type Expanded 135°:

Dimension (mm): 32x32 Length (mm): 3000

Part No.: P32A