Casing Bead

Casing Bead


The Casing Beads serve as plaster blocks and are square cornered metal beads that fit snugly over the edge of Gypsemna's Plasterboards for protection at abutments, whilst no setting required. Upon installation, the Casing Beads allow stucco to maintain a straight line and may then be easily painted at site.


  • Standard Compliance: ASTM C 1047
  • Coating: AZ150 Zinc-Aluminium Alloy
  • Steel Grade: G300
  • Material: Galvanized Steel


  • Easily accessible to consumers
  • Extra durability and long-lasting protection
  • They are to be used as specified by your architect and installed as per industry standards.

Board Thickness 10 (mm):

Length (mm): 3000 Part No.: P05

Board Thickness 13 (mm):

Length (mm): 3000 Part No.: P07

Board Thickness 16 (mm):

Length (mm): 3000 Part No.: P08