Flexible Control Joint

Flexible Control Joint


The Flexible Control Joints have a specially designed PVC rubber flexible joint which locks onto two galvanized (AZ 150) setting beads. A protective filament tape is attached to the flexible joint section to keep it clean when applying the setting compound and is removed upon completion. They may be used on both stud walls and flush building board ceilings, as recommended by the architect. The PVC is inherently flame resistant in the sense that if the source of the flame is removed, it will self- extinguish.


  • Standard Compliance: ASTM C 1047
  • Coating: AZ150 Zinc-Aluminium Alloy
  • Steel Grade: G300
  • Material: Galvanized Steel


  • Specially designed for interior use only and when finished leaves a straight, low profile reveal
  • Safely absorbs the heat induced expansion and contraction of construction materials
  • Designed for movement of up to 5mm in each direction
  • Approved for fire rated partition & Ceilings

Thickness 0.4 (mm):

Length (mm): 3000 Part No.: P35