Glass Mat(GM)

Glass Mat(GM)

Gypsemna's Glass Mat Gypsum Plasterboards are a specially developed product for external applications. These boards are moisture resistant, water resistant and fire resistant due to the special additives in the gypsum core, that is sandwiched between the glass mat liner on both sides.

Board Color:

Face color is Blue & Reverse color is Grey

Product Standard:

ASTM C 1177/ C 1177 M Type X

EN 15283 Part 1


  • Offers superior strength, outstanding resistance to environmental damage and excellent bonding surface for EIFS
  • Enhanced Mold and Mildew resistance
  • Ready to take variety of decorative finishes
  • Light weight and easy to install
  • Suitable for external use with suitable rendering
  • Offers extremely good fire resistance and sound insulation properties

Thickness (mm): 13, 16

Edge Profile: SE

Width (mm): 1200 - 1219

Length (mm): 1800 - 3600