Gypsemna Magnum R100

Gypsemna Magnum R100

Gypsemna Magnum R100 joint compound is all purpose ready-mix vinyl-based quick drying filler, providing superior finish
specially for gypsum plasterboards.

Standard Compliance:
ASTM C 475

Specification :

  • Diluted with water if required
  • Average consumption of 1 Kg for 1.6 to 3 m2 of gypsum board ( depending on thickness/coat)
  • 1.75 KG per Litre Density
  • 28 KG bucket packaging
  • 12 month storage, (protected conditions) in original unopened containers


  • Excellent Adhesion 
  • Less air “fish eyes” 
  • Low Shrinkage 
  • Provides greater open time 
  • Less tool drag 
  • Non-toxic