Moisture Resistant & Fire Wall Core Board (MRFW-CB

Moisture Resistant & Fire Wall Core Board (MRFW-CB

Gypsemna's Moisture Resistant & Firewall- Core Board Gypsum Plasterboards have the inherent properties of Firewall plasterboards and accrued Moisture Resistant plasterboards. This property is due to specific additives such as water repellents agents in the non-combustible, mechanically stable, and fire retarding gypsum core. This thus provides two combined advantages in a single board. The core of the board is encased in heavy duty Kraft paper liner on either side.

Board Color:

Face color is Green & Reverse color is Pink.

Product Standard:

ASTM C 1396/C 1396 M Type X

EN 520 Type I, F and H1 (DIN 18180/BS 1230 Part 1, Type 3, 5)


  • Developed for fire prone and high humidity areas
  • Ready to take variety of decorative finishes
  • Light weight & easy to install
  • Suitable for internal construction, ceilings, partitions & columns
  • Offers very good fire resistance and sound insulation properties
  • Used as shaftwall liners