Mold & Moisture Resistant (MMR)

Mold & Moisture Resistant (MMR)

Gypsemna’s Mold and Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board has the inherent properties of moisture resistant plaster board and has accrued mold and mildew resistance. This specific property is due to the specific biocide added to core of the board, along with other moisture resistant additives and glass fibres are added to provide additional strength. The non combustible gypsum core with these special properties is encased in very heavy duty Kraft paper liner on either side. This board inhibits moisture absorption in the gypsum core and prevents any growth of mold in it, when used in internal areas and exposed to high degree of moisture

Board Color :

 Face Color: Green | Reverse Color: Green

Product Standards:

ASTM C 1396/ C 1396M;

EN 520 Type A, H1 (BS 1230 Part 1 - Type 3)


  • Develop for Mold prone and High Humid areas
  • Ready to Take variety of decorative finishes
  • Light weight & easy to install
  • Suitable for internal construction, partitions & columns
  • Offer good mold resistance and acoustic properties

Thickness (mm) : 13, 16

Edge Profile: TE, SE

Width (mm): 1200 - 1219

Length (mm): 2400