Sound Stop Concealed ceiling -GSS Series

Sound Stop Concealed ceiling -GSS Series

System Description:

GSS Series–Sound Stop Concealed ceiling consisting of galvanized steel main channels fastened to a slab / steel by KMUL anchors / brackets by threaded rods supported by Phonic U-hangers to which cross-wise running furring channels are screw-fixed using wafer head screws at each intersection. Multiple (upto 4) layers of fire rated gypsum boards, all joints staggered from layer to layer, are screw-fixed to the underside of the furring channels. Taping and jointing of the face board provides a smooth continuous surface ready to be painted. A glass wool blanket is unrolled on top of the system



Gypsum Plaster board

High density fire rated plasterboard such as ; FW, MRFW etc

Perimeter support

Not to be used

Threaded Rod

Vertical member of variable length- comprising of  threaded rod, fixed to the Phonic Hangers at one side and to the Anchor on the other side.

Phonic Hanger

Used as sound isolation device between the Threaded Rod and the primary channel

Primary Carrying Channel

Main Channel (MC) - Horizontal member, with 60mm minimum web width.

Secondary Carrying Channel

Hat shaped Furring channel running cross-wise and screw fixed to the Main Channel


Used for fixing the Thread Rod to the slabs

Drywall screws

Used for screw fixing the boards to the metal structures; available as self tapping or self drilling

Joint tape and Filler

Used to get a even smooth and homogenous surface at the joints


Applied at the perimeter areas, to achieve the necessary fire and acoustic performance.


Used as quilt covering the entire ceiling system to increase sound insulation