Keylock Ceiling - GK Series

System Description:

Gypsemna Ceiling solutions – comprising of a grid of completely concealed suspended metal frames (void of wire hangers and wire-clips) lined with gypsum plasterboards with its joints, treated (taped and filled) to achieve the even, smooth and homogenous surface – to receive paint or further decoration.

  • Light weight and versatile
    • Curvature and other special designs possible
    • Supports in concealing cableways, ducts etc
  • Very Quick and Easy to install
    • Cost effective
    • Reduced Project completion time
  • Performance
    • Fire protection – up to 2 hrs
    • Sound Insulation – up to 70 dB (when used under a concrete floor)
    • Enhancement of fire & acoustic performance can be achieved by increasing the number of layers of plasterboards
    • Filling the cavity with insulation on the back of the ceiling enhances of acoustic performance

GK Series–Gypsemna Rondo KEY-LOCK® Series - a versatile and very quick to install system suitable for fire and non-rated ceiling systems.



Gypsum Plaster  board

Based on the performance requirement, the plasterboard needs to be selected – RG for general applications; MR for humid and aerated area application; FW for enhanced fire resistance; etc

Perimeter support

Furring Channels Tracks fixed at the perimeter on which Furring channel at 90° is friction fitted and board is screw fixed to its underside.

Primary Carrying Channel

Top Cross Rail (TCR) - Horizontal member at max. 1200mm* centres

Suspension system

Vertical member – a set of a bracket, a variable length suspension rod and an adjustable suspension clip, at max. 900mm* intervals.

Secondary Carrying Channel

Horizontal member -Furring channel running cross-wise fixed to the Main Channel by the Locking key at max. 600mm* centres


Used for fixing the Suspension system to the slabs and Furring channel Tracks to the wall respectively at max. 600mm centres

Drywall screws

Used for screw fixing the boards to the metal structures; available as self tapping or self drilling

Joint tape and Filler

Used to get a even smooth and homogenous surface at the joints


Applied at the perimeter areas, to achieve the necessary fire and acoustic performance


Used as quilt covering the entire ceiling system will increase sound insulation in the void.Rockwool slabs are used to enhance the fire insulation.



*Primary and secondary channel centres, and suspension centres are determined by the number of layer of the boards, wind presure etc during the system design. Min. recommended thickness is 0.55mm.