Staggered Wall Partition - GS  Series

Staggered Wall Partition - GS Series

System Description:

GS Series – used for acoustic partitions, comprises of single or double layers of gypsum boards screw fixed on the outer side of the UC structure having staggered row of studs, brace between top and bottom tracks and/or guide angles. The studs are not braced horizontally. Filling partition cavity with acoustic insulation blanket, will enhance acoustical insulation as will do the sealing of the perimeters with Fire and Acoustic sealant that is at the same time providing the necessary air-tightness in case of fire.


  • Fire protection – up to 2 hrs
  • Sound Insulation – up to 61dB



Gypsum Plaster board

Based on the performance requirement, the plasterboard needs to be selected – RG for general applications; MR for humid and aerated area application; FW for enhanced fire resistance; TF for enhanced Impact resistance etc.

Tracks/Guide Angles*

Horizontal member of UC metal structure


Vertical member of UC metal structure with unequal flange heights( suitable for boxing of studs)


Used for fixing the tracks to the slabs and floor respectively

Drywall screws

Used for screw fixing the boards to the metal structures; available as self tapping or self drilling

Joint tape and Filler

Used to get a even smooth and homogenous surface at the joints


Applied at the perimeter areas, to achieve the necessary fire and acoustic performance


Used as cavity infill to enhance sound insulation

Fixing channel

Used as backing for horizontal edge cut joints in fire rated partitions


* Stud spacing and metal thickness will be determined by the partition height, deflection limit and lateral pressure. Min. recommended metal thickness is 0.55mm for fire rated partitions.