Stopping Bead

Stopping Bead


The Stopping Beads are suitable for Gypsemna's Gypsum Plasterboards of 10mm to 16mm. The finishing coats are applied up to the nib, which is blended back into the sheets.


  • Standard Compliance: ASTM C 1047
  • Coating:  AZ150 Zinc-Aluminium Alloy
  • Steel Grade: G300
  • Material: Galvanized Steel


  • Crack free joint is obtained whilst enhancing the aethetic look of the abutment of two surfaces
  • Good appearance
  • Suitable for plastering grove

Board Thickness 10 (mm):

Length (mm): 3000 Part No.: P12

Board Thickness 13 (mm):

Length (mm): 3000 Part No.: P13

Board Thickness 16 (mm):

Length (mm): 3000 Part No.: P14