Glass Mat Gypsum Board – The New Solution On The Market

The high-performance multipurpose board that can be used in a multitude of applications and is extremely user friendly.
Defending against the exterior environment and safeguarding interiors from high humidity and moisture, glass mat gypsum board is ideal for projects that need extra protection.

Glass mat gypsum board has soared in popularity across the gypsum and drywall industry as one of the most reliable non-combustible and moisture-resistant options with load bearing characteristics for construction where water resistance is a requirement.
This type of silicone-treated gypsum board has a fibreglass mat surface covering both sides that is perfect for areas where water resistance is essential. Additionally, glass mat gypsum board is lighter than cement board, does not require personal protective equipment to cut, has built-in mould resistance, and is stronger than paper-faced board.

Glass mat gypsum board offers advantages that make it an attractive proposition to replace traditional cement board, especially for places that cannot afford any mould or are in direct contact with water almost every day, such as external walls, soffits and in specialist areas in labs, hospitals, and commercial kitchens.